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               Moulding Guide


Specify BROSCO Mouldings

Mouldings are available in a variety of lengths from 10 to 16 feet long.

When measuring moulding lengths for your materials list, always round off your measurement to the next highest foot. It is far wiser to come out long than short.

Make a list of your moulding needs by noting the number of pieces required by length in each pattern.  From this stock, your BROSCO dealer will furnish random standard lengths.  Many times shorter lengths are the best buy, so don't overlook specifying these when they are needed.  Measuring mouldings to be mitered, add the width of the mouldings to the length for each miter. If your moulding is 3 inches wide and you have two miters add 6 inches, then round off to the next highest foot.

Mitering a Moulding

This is a basic operation in working with moulding. Set your miter box saw at 45 degrees, as shown in figure 1.  Trim each of the two mitering members in opposite cuts so together they form a tight, right angle (Figure 7).  For tight miter joints, nail and glue at joint as shown.  Make sure nails are countersunk below the surface. If you don't own a miter box, check the equipment rentals.

Coping a Moulding

Set moulding in miter box as it is to be installed on wall, upright against backplate (Figure 2). Trim at 45 degree angle. Remaining profile serves as guideline for coping saw, used to trim away wedge at another 45 degree angle (Figure 5). Fit profile against face of adjoining moulding (Figure 6).

Making a Jig (Figure 3)

Many projects require "picture framing" techniques of extreme accuracy. A jig is actually a "mold" in which frames are made more rapidly, accurately, and uniform in size. The inside dimensions of the jig equal the outside dimensions of the frame. The jig consists of stock pieces of lumber nailed to any flat, nailable surface.  Blocks can be used (as shown) where necessary to straighten moulding against side of jig.

Moulding Tools

  • Miter Box and Saw
  • Jig
  • Woodworking Gluc
  • Finish Nails
  • Carpenter's Rule
  • Coping Saw (Figure 4)
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Hammer Nail Set

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