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Choose Your Door, Choose Your Hardware
From trendy bathrooms to hidden closets or offices, Sliding Doors (AKA Barn Doors) are the best way to separate rooms in your home while adding character, and without taking up too much space. BROSCO is able to provide Sliding Door Hardware (in multiple styles and finishes) designed to work with any interior door, as well as customizable Country Doors that allow the homeowner to choose the design that best fits their home.
Choose Your Design!
Each SGA Country Door is 1-3/8" thick Natural Pine, and comes with two planks that are shipped loose. This allows you to create the design that you think works best for your home. Extra planks are also available! 
Sliding Door Hardware
With multiple designs and finishes available, it's easy to find the track, hardware and handle set that fits your home. All hardware included & shipped in 1 box!
  • Steel Track 78-3/4" (for doors up to 36" wide and weighing up to 150lbs
  • 2 rollers, 2 stoppers, 2 safety pins, 2 floor guides
  • 5 wall brackets, Soft Roller System

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